DSTG’s Model-Driven Capability Architecture and Complex Program Management are our foundation services. We work with customers to architect, integrate, and deploy complete systems at extraordinary speed. Our aim is to deliver Mission capabilities in 90-day development sprints.

Model-Driven Capability Architecture

In today’s complex world, developing enterprise-scale applications requires an approach to software architecture that allows solutions to dynamically and rapidly evolve. This approach enables existing efforts already in place to be reused for the integration of new capabilities to implement business functionality in a timely fashion, even as the target infrastructure itself is constantly changing.

The critical significance of DSTG’s Model-Driven Capability Architecture is its ability to integrate enterprise solutions in modular 90-day development sprints; thereby, creating dynamic solutions that utilize existing methodology to reach new levels in a rapid and flexible fashion. Our approach leverages our Complex Program Management and System Integration services, deep domain-specific expertise, and leading Model Driven Architecture (MDA) technology solutions (Cogility Studio™; see www.cogility.com) to solve even the most difficult enterprise problems.

Modeling & Simulation

DSTG’s Modeling and Simulation services enable customers to solve the most difficult problems currently left unsolvable with existing market capabilities. Modeling & Simulation Services evaluate various different courses of action and learn the probable outcomes of multiple strategies. Customers are able to address critical issues with analytical approaches, customized tools, data sets, and simulation models that are specifically crafted to create, analyze, and test strategies and decisions. These Services enable clients to make key tactical and strategic decisions, supported by auditable quantitative and qualitative techniques, integrating science and technology with human perspectives. This offering is most appropriate when problems are complex, involving numerous stakeholders, interrelated systems, or alternative courses of actions.

Business and Technology Consulting (B&TC)

Our B&TC consultants are among the best in the world; recognized for their experience, knowledge and capabilities. DSTG supports our customers to align processes and implement technologies to deliver the desired business outcome. We are ready to provide these services to industries in which we have proven expertise and deep domain knowledge; including federal, state and local governments, energy (oil and gas, utilities), life sciences, and telecommunications.

B&TC services unique offerings help customers with:

  • Organization and Strategy
  • Business Case Analysis
  • Merger and Acquisition Integration
  • Business Process Reengineering and Management
  • Business Modeling
  • Change Management
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Technology Consulting
  • Training

Complex Program Management

Complex Program Management is the foundation of DSTG. Successful program achievements and on-time deliveries are no accident – they result from careful planning, thoughtful strategy, and faithful execution.

We work with our clients to review program aspects, identify trends and synergies, and map program execution plans to mitigate risk. Automated development and planning tools help us to ensure projects begin with well-defined plans. Work breakdown structures (WBS) provide accurate cost, time, and resource estimates; and our tracking systems help anticipate schedule deviations and their impact to reduce surprises.

DSTG’s approach to budgeting, scheduling, resource planning management, and planned value performance measurement provides project managers with the early warning they need to take corrective action if project costs are exceeding the value of what will be accomplished.

Each earned value management system starts with a performance measurement baseline that DSTG creates with you from the project plan. We identify the earned value measurement methods needed, develop reports and timeframes, and establish variance thresholds for analysis and reporting. We evaluate progress and cost against the current plan and identify those areas that vary from the baseline. DSTG compares the budgeted cost for work scheduled (planned value) to the budgeted cost of work performed (earned value). We also compare the budgeted cost of work performed (earned value) to actual costs for the same work. This information, along with our analysis of the cause of any variances, allows project managers to quickly correct existing problems, identify potential problems, and produce accurate cost-at-completion estimates. Insights like these give our clients the tools they need for reliable problem resolution and dynamic decision-making.

System Integration & Technology

DSTG’s focus is to develop systems and solutions that deliver timely, mission critical information where it is needed most for our military, intelligence, federal, state and local government, and commercial customers.

Based on DTSG’s Model-Driven Capability Architecture, our system engineering and integration services aim to deliver mission capabilities in 90-day “sprints” or intervals.

DSTG’s System Integration and Technology services include:

  • IT Strategy
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Management and Architecture
  • Portals & Content Management
  • System Integration Consulting
  • Application Development

Supply Chain and Logistics

Rapidly changing global environments of demand and supply chains create complex relationships that drive the need to optimize production, inventory, and logistics across the entire ecosystem.

At DSTG, we implement our breadth and depth of experience into each of our service offerings, including:

  • Supply Chain and Logistics Strategy
  • Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)
  • Inventory Optimization
  • Network Modeling & Optimization